@Pay is a forward-thinking and innovative software provider focused on express payment technology that makes it easy to pay, give, or buy on a mobile device. Launched in 2010, this Albuquerque-based company has quickly become a leader in the fundraising software field.

In the fall of 2015, @Pay knew they had the right product to be successful, but they also recognized the need to grow their web presence to match the strength of their product. That’s when @Pay decided to test out a new avenue of lead generation and sought the help of Nexus Marketing.

@Pay had never tried content marketing before, but after learning more about Nexus’ approach to search engine optimization and inbound marketing, they decided to move ahead with the engagement.

@Pay offers exciting fundraising technology that makes it easy for people to give in just 2 clicks on mobile devices.

Enabling mobile giving via text, email, the web, and social media, @Pay proudly uses their simple and secure payment solution to help organizations nationwide reduce donor abandonment and increase donations.



Increase in year-over-year organic traffic.


Increase in overall site traffic.


Increase in referral traffic.


Increase in online sign ups.

The content Nexus created for @Pay tactfully addressed both significant keywords and a wide range of potential customer knowledge gaps. During the engagement, this content came in 3 main formats:

Cornerstone resources that comprehensively cover a subject, usually a core keyword.

Detailed blog posts that thoroughly address key questions and knowledge gaps.

Comprehensive, educational articles published on sites in the sector to develop thought leadership.

In order to draw attention to and build authority to the high-quality resources and articles that resulted from this content strategy, Nexus Marketing worked with the @Pay team to coordinate publishing opportunities with their network of partners.

Specifically, Nexus leveraged a combination of their existing industry relationships and @Pay’s partners to publish educational articles on other websites connected to the nonprofit sector.

Throughout the relationship, Nexus Marketing and @Pay worked together to design and execute a plan that most efficiently and effectively delivered the results @Pay was looking for.


During the first 12 months of the engagement, @Pay’s online performance metrics markedly improved, directly as a result of Nexus’ inbound efforts.

The @Pay website rose in search rankings for a range of high-value, business-related keywords, leading to a 751% increase in year-over-year organic traffic growth.

As @Pay steadily performed better in search results, the company saw a 191% increase in overall traffic and a 370% uptick in referral traffic.

With Nexus Marketing leading @Pay’s primary form of marketing, sign ups for @Pay’s technology solution increased by a factor of 5 (that’s 466%!).

In just one year, @Pay’s online presence completely transformed, leading to major growth across the business.


We have made major strides in our organic search and inbound lead generation performance thanks to the hard work of Nexus Marketing. After less than a year, @Pay began ranking in the top 3 search results for numerous competitive and crucial keywords for our company. Not only has traffic increased but very importantly, so have sales. We definitely made the right choice in pursuing this engagement with Nexus.


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