Morweb is a nonprofit CMS platform and design agency that focuses on helping organizations fulfill their online brand vision with easy-to-use software.

While Morweb’s team understands SEO and its importance for the industry, they didn’t have as much time to commit to the initiative as they preferred. That’s when they heard about Nexus Marketing.

After discussing their specific SEO goals to increase leads from contact form completions and to rank for high-volume terms, Nexus Marketing and Morweb decided to launch the partnership.

With the two teams working together, Morweb has seen a drastic improvement in their SEO initiatives. Plus, putting their trust in the experts at Nexus Marketing freed up more valuable time for Morweb to focus on the company’s other high-priority goals.

Morweb’s CMS platform is designed specifically so nonprofits don’t need to hire someone to design and continuously work on the organization’s website. The drag-and-drop features require minimal coding knowledge, making the CMS ideal for smaller nonprofits who may not have the technical expertise to effectively design the backend of a website.

Morweb helps nonprofits strategically design their online presence in order to better engage supporters and constituents.



Increase in organic traffic in year one.


High-value keywords ranking on page one of Google.


Increase in referral traffic.


Increase in organic search visibility.

In accordance with Morweb’s goals, the main strategy approaches that Nexus Marketing ran with for the engagement include:

Filling knowledge gaps and building authority to Morweb by posting with other knowledge-based blogs.

Driving referral traffic from high quality and trustworthy sources by adding them to important top-provider pages.

Designing and driving traffic to calls-to-action on each article to prompt lead generation.

Nexus Marketing and Morweb have regularly scheduled one-on-one calls to keep track of important metrics and progress of the engagement.

They also maintain an open line of feedback communication regarding content quality and team expectations. The transparency of communication from both teams has led to successful ongoing conversations and an even more successful relationship.


Morweb rose in the rankings on search engines for their high-value keywords, leading to their site ranking on the first page for 17 of those words. All of the ranking keywords were specifically chosen to drive the most qualified leads to their site.

After the first year of their engagement, Morweb saw a 744.09% increase in organic traffic to their website.

By leveraging the relationships of the Nexus team in the nonprofit sector, Morweb was added to a number of referral pages, leading to a 198.10% increase in their referral traffic.

Morweb’s organic search visibility has increased by 22,447% since their engagement began in 2018.

As Morweb continues working with Nexus Marketing, the metrics continue to improve as they rise in the rankings for more and more keywords.


Nexus Marketing took the time necessary to better understand our product, then moved forward to improve SEO initiatives according to our most prevalent needs. We couldn’t be happier with the engagement or the results.

Murad Bushnaq - Founder and CEO of Morweb

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