Fundly is a crowdfunding platform built for nonprofits and individuals to help them raise funds quickly and easily. In 2016, they were acquired by NonProfitEasy who reached out to Nexus Marketing in order to help Fundly stay relevant in an ever-competitive online crowdfunding industry.

Due to this growing competition, Fundly needed to define itself as a leader in the social good sector. Nexus Marketing agreed to help them develop a strategy that would establish a blog on Fundly’s domain and built authority to that blog.

With the help of Nexus Marketing’s writing team, their website flourished. The quality of the articles published set Fundly aside from the crowd as an accomplished and informed provider.

Resulting from the engagement, SEO-optimized content drew the attention of both prospective customers and search engine algorithms. With their strategy with Nexus Marketing, Fundly rose in the rankings and is in the top three spots on Google for 32 high-value industry keywords. These rankings drive additional traffic, leads, and revenue to the business.

Fundly’s goal is to help organizations and individuals raise money for a good cause quickly and easily through crowdfunding. They also want their platform to help raise awareness of important causes and bring people together for common good.

With Fundly, fundraisers have a choice in the type of crowdfunding campaign they want to launch, customizable campaign pages, fundraising promotion strategies, and the ability to track their campaign progress. Their tools are intuitive and they offer guides to help raise money online. Fundly is truly a philanthropic leader in the social good industry.



High-value keywords rank in the top 3 spots on Google.


Increase in crowdfunding campaigns activated year-over-year.


New campaigns activated per month resulting from Nexus-created pages.

The core activities included in the strategy developed between Nexus and Fundly included:

Building links offsite in the crowdfunding, fundraising, and nonprofit space to earn top rankings for Fundly’s site.

Adding Fundly to top referral pages to drive traffic back to the website that would convert to qualified campaigns.

Setting up email campaigns for high-level nurturing of leads and prospects.

This strategy has not been unnoticed. Studies like that from Overthink Group found that Fundly’s blog content drives almost twice as much traffic compared to other fundraiser blogs, which is directly tied to the SEO strategy they developed with Nexus Marketing.

The ranking keywords for Fundly help drive organic traffic to the website. The quality of the keyword list chosen ensured this traffic would also be qualified, attributing to the increase in campaign leads for the company.


Steady increase in traffic in the years since the beginning of the engagement.

Organic year-over-year traffic increased by 9% as of December 2019.

26% increase in crowdfunding campaigns activated year-over-year

Over 860 campaigns created within a month’s time directly from top-performing Nexus-created pages on Fundly’s website.


“In an increasingly competitive market, Nexus Marketing that helped Fundly not only survive, but also thrive. The Nexus team is not only SEO experts, but they’re nonprofit experts too. They brought a wealth of knowledge to the table to drive qualified traffic and leads while simultaneously establishing Fundly as a thought leader in the nonprofit space.”

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