Fonteva is a software provider focused specifically on providing associations with the tools they need for effective member management and streamlined event planning. Their brand name has historically been well-known in the association sphere. However, leaders at Fonteva recognized the untapped opportunity that SEO could provide in order to drive more qualified leads to their website.

They spent time working on their website and ensuring it was accessible, navigable, and a valuable resource for interested prospective customers. The Fonteva team realized that in order to get found on search engines, they’d need to look for a qualified and experienced marketing agency.

When looking for a marketing provider, Fonteva realized their need for a digital marketing firm that understood their specific association verticals. That’s why they reached out to Nexus Marketing.

Nexus Marketing leveraged their knowledge and experience working within the association industry to drive additional traffic and qualified leads for Fonteva, fulfilling their exact needs of an SEO-experienced and industry-knowledgeable marketing provider.

Fonteva provides Salesforce-native tools to fulfill the needs of associations on the platform. Salesforce can take hard work and heavy investment to configure it for the exact needs of organizations and many times, associations don’t have the resources necessary for this extensive customization of the platform.

Fonteva solves that problem by providing pre-configured and comprehensive solutions that associations can use to fit their specific needs.



Industry keywords ranking on page one of Google.


Increase in year-over-year traffic for membership-related terms.


Increase in year-over-year traffic for events-related terms.

Nexus Marketing and Fonteva developed a strategy that included the following factors:

Choosing industry-specific, lead-driving keywords searched by association professionals.

Writing cornerstone content specifically optimized to be the highest quality and most comprehensive article available for chosen keywords.

Reaching out to other well-known thought-leaders in the association and events industry to create guest blogging and linking opportunities.

The Nexus Marketing approach is to make the best quality content available based on research and sector expertise.

Ranking for keywords helped Fonteva drive more traffic and sustainably drive more qualified leads through their website.


47 Industry keywords ranking on page one of Google.

19 of those 47 keywords rank in spots 1-3 on Google.

342.5% increase in year-over-year traffic for association membership-related terms.

31.2% Increase in year-over-year traffic for event-related terms.

Content published with well-known industry thought-leaders.


There aren’t many vendors that understand the association sector or have established relationships to leverage for exposure to new audiences. Nexus Marketing has both and, as a result, helped us develop our online presence and grow inbound lead generation significantly.

We’d recommend them to anyone in the association sector looking for a capable and knowledgeable digital marketing partner.

Jacob Fabbri - Chief Marketing Officer

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