DonorSearch is an innovative, industry-leading prospect research and wealth screening data and analytics provider located in Baltimore, Maryland. After years of focusing on outbound marketing tactics, DonorSearch decided to try a new approach to lead generation.

DonorSearch had experimented with Google AdWords in the past but were disappointed in the results. As such, they were initially skeptical about hiring an outside vendor to help with their marketing.

However, after walking through Nexus Marketing’s approach, DonorSearch decided to engage with Nexus Marketing to manage their inbound marketing and search engine optimization.

DonorSearch was founded in 2007 with one goal: to provide more accurate, more comprehensive, and more actionable data to help nonprofits of all types achieve better fundraising and outreach results.

Headed by industry veterans, DonorSearch is a leading provider of prospect research to nonprofits of all types, including: charities, healthcare organizations, fraternities/sororities, religious organizations, and schools.



Increase in monthly organic traffic year-over-year.


Increase in email marketing click-through rates.


Increase in warm leads.


Increase in monthly year-over-year revenue.

Having pinpointed major customer knowledge gaps and important keyword targets, Nexus Marketing crafted a custom blend of content that included:

Cornerstone pieces that focus on closing knowledge gaps.

Detailed articles that answer essential questions.

Deep-diving blog posts that thoroughly cover pertinent concepts.

Nexus Marketing also worked with DonorSearch to leverage their network of partners.

This network of partners, along with Nexus Marketing’s existing relationships in the industry, allowed us to publish various pieces of thought leadership on dozens of authoritative websites within the nonprofit sector.

As with any well-fostered relationship, Nexus Marketing and DonorSearch kept lines of communication clear, open, and honest.

DonorSearch’s leadership had complete transparency when it came to Nexus Marketing’s activities and progress.

Monthly check-in calls and reporting kept the lines of communication open and created opportunities for questions as they arose.


The DonorSearch website steadily rose for many of the high-value keywords related to the business. This led to a 100% increase in monthly year-over-year organic search traffic.

As their website performed better for their target keywords, the number of warm leads DonorSearch received through their website also doubled.

Just 6 months into the process, DonorSearch broadened the scope of their engagement to include customized drip email campaigns.

With Nexus Marketing behind the scenes, DonorSearch’s average email click-through rate more than doubled.

By the end of the first 12 months, DonorSearch observed a 75% increase in monthly year-over-year revenue.

In a little under a year, Nexus Marketing produced tangible and measurable results for DonorSearch.


Nexus Marketing has made a tremendous impact on our business. In less than six months, we saw our website’s pages ranking in the top 5 for two dozen of our most desired keywords. I’m beyond impressed by the results we’ve seen during our engagement with them.

BILL TEDESCO - CEO/President of DonorSearch

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