Bonfire’s high-quality t-shirt merchandise helps nonprofits and individuals raise money while simultaneously spreading brand awareness.

In 2017, Bonfire’s well-intentioned and expertly-executed services were in place, but they were missing something — an effective way for appropriate audiences to learn about them. That’s why they established a partnership with Nexus Marketing.

Bonfire also had in-house SEO experts, so they worked closely with the Nexus team to establish strategies and tactics that each team could work towards in order to reach greater goals.

Between working with their own team of experts as well as the professionals at Nexus Marketing, Bonfire saw a drastic improvement in their site’s search engine visibility. This visibility drew qualified customers to use and love their services.

Bonfire combines the concepts of high-quality products and a philanthropic mindset as they enable nonprofits everywhere with their multiple approaches to fundraising. Nonprofits and individuals have the option to start a crowdfunding campaign, create online order forms, or order in bulk to sell at other locations.



Increase in monthly organic traffic since 2017.


Tracked high-value keywords rank in the first 3 keyword rankings on Google.


Tracked high-value keywords rank on the first page of Google.


Increase in organic search visibility since 2017.

The engagement was developed to prioritize the following strategies:

Developing high-quality thought leadership content for the website.

Placements on high-value referral pages to drive traffic.

Creating blog posts to answer key questions on authoritative nonprofit sites.

Not only has this strategy helped Bonfire become an industry-leader for t-shirt fundraising, but it’s also helped them establish an authoritative voice on emerging trends in the nonprofit industry.

Nonprofits and individuals turn to Bonfire to learn more about how to raise the most money and market their campaigns. Developing a factual and trustworthy voice leads to more people including Bonfire’s services as a core part of their strategy and come back year after year.


Bonfire has seen a drastic increase in the amount of organic traffic leading to the website, amounting to 465% since 2017.

Targeting industry-specific keywords, of which Bonfire is ranking for 77 within the first 10 spots on Google, has helped drive the most qualified traffic.

39 of those 77 keywords for which Bonfire is ranking on the first page are within the first three spots of the search engine results.

Bonfire's organic search visibility has increased by 1334.33% since their engagement began in 2017.

Leveraging Nexus Marketing’s healthy relationships within the nonprofit industry helped get Bonfire featured on top referral pages.


Partnering with Nexus Marketing has helped develop our SEO strategies while further developing our educational and authoritative online voice. Not only has our organic traffic increased, but Nexus Marketing has also helped us reach our signup goals, producing real value for our business.

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