Astron Solutions is a human resources consulting and talent management solutions company that helps nonprofits, small businesses, and associations. With careful strategizing and a professional approach to HR and staffing, Astron helps organizations accomplish their long-term goals and further engage their employees.

In 2018, Astron found that they had a comprehensive software stack to help with their marketing outreach on platforms like email and social media. However, they were still missing SEO experts who could help ensure their website was well-optimized to maintain an effective online presence.

Astron found out about the SEO experts at Nexus Marketing at a conference. This was the beginning of a prosperous and successful relationship.

Together, Nexus and Astron created a strategy with specific keywords that would help the company strengthen their web presence. Rankings for these keywords would ultimately lead to additional traffic to the website, which would, in turn, lead to additional leads and revenue.

Founded in 1999, Astron Solutions is comprised of a team of HR experts with a common goal to help small businesses, nonprofits, and associations with their employee retention.

They offer both HR consulting and talent management software to achieve this ambitious goal. Specifically, the friendly consultants at Astron Solutions help organizations handle the daily HR tasks more efficiently and accurately in order to reach long-term goals and improve employee performance.



Industry keywords rank on page one of Google.


Of those keywords are in the first three spots on Google.


Increase in organic year-over-year traffic.

The core elements of this strategy included:

Publishing educational content targeting primary industry keywords for Astron’s blog.

Building brand recognition by posting on relevant thought-leadership websites in the industry.

Writing articles to answer key questions from nonprofit, association, and small business professionals.

Nexus Marketing worked with Astron to develop high-quality content that would accomplish two primary tasks: appeal to the Google algorithm and show that Astron is a thought-leader in their industry.

The strategy between Nexus and Astron Solutions was effective as articles on Astron’s site rose in the rankings. As anticipated, this rise in the rankings also led to additional qualified traffic and additional leads for Astron’s services.


13 industry keywords ranking on page one of Google.

6 of those keywords rank in the first three spots on Google.

47.6% increase in organic year-over-year traffic.

Increase exposure across key industries by conducting off-site outreach.

Present educational HR information in an approachable and friendly manner to match Astron’s voice.


“Nexus Marketing quickly adopted our brand’s voice. They’re well informed partners and talented content creators. The Nexus strategy has helped us rank for keywords, drive traffic, and, ultimately, generate leads for our business.”

Jennifer Loftus - National Director of Astron Solutions

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